Debate ‘The Serpent of Essex’ reality and fantasy

CDMX.- There is a belief, in the village of Aldwinter, that there is a mythical snake that attacks humans and steals their energy to increase its power.

Each attack increases the collective fear and despair of those who supposedly “know how to fight” this inexplicable evil.

In The Essex Serpent (The Essex Serpent), a series that premieres this Friday on Apple TV +, a dumbbell is involuntarily formed to understand each event: that of Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes), a widow and amateur paleontologist, and Will Ransome ( Tom Hiddleston), the local pastor.

Along with them, characters emerge that are elemental and key to the development of the story, based on the best-selling book by Sarah Perry, and which was a success in 2016.

Frank Dillane is Luke Garrett, an expert doctor in the town, and Clémence Poésy, Stella Ransome, the protagonist’s wife.

“It is a production that guides us through a world of mythological and very well-supported events. I think the best thing about my character is that he knows a lot and with the power of information he brings us closer to many of the answers to the mysteries,” explained Clémence in remote interview from London.

“And my character is the one who falls in love with a woman who seduces him by her intuition and wisdom, he is impressed by her arguments and everything she says about paranormal or unexplained events, he is charmed by her intellect,” Frank added. .

The Essex Serpent takes place in the era of Victorian splendor in Great Britain, towards the end of the 19th century, where appearances dictate the rules of conduct in society.

Cora, whose husband has died, feels liberated because the deceased subdued and degraded her in private.

When cancer took her life, she feels tremendous guilt at being relieved.

Through flashbacks, the husband’s abuse is shown to Cora, who is presented as a generous but tormented woman.

After an unexpected event, the woman, intrigued because theoretically this woke up “the Essex snake”, decides to make a radical change in her life.

He has theories, has the support of some acquaintances and moves to Aldwinter, where he accidentally meets Will, a highly respected reverend with whom, after some misunderstandings, he joins forces.

“I think it is very understandable that there are people who are skeptical about supernatural events. I think that in addition to this, it is also essential to mention that the construction of history encourages a debate about what can be real and fantasy of the mind,” he said. Stella’s interpreter.

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