December 2022 Prize: five authors on the second list

The curious events that are the subject of this column occurred on September 30, perhaps on the side of the Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint-Laurent Foundation, in Paris. Jurors for the December award met and halved their first selection, arriving at five candidates. Exit then, the promising Maria Larrea, who in “The people of Bilbao are born where they want” (Grasset) immerses us in an Almodovarian atmosphere against a background of a quest for origins, and Anthony Passeron and his “Sleeping Children” (World), account of the years of the appearance of AIDS, still in the running for Wepler and Flore.

Prix ​​de Flore 2022: the 9 novels selected

The jurors selected heavyweights from the literary world. First of all, Brigitte Giraud, who in “Vivre vite” (flammarion), raises a modest and moving tomb to her husband who died suddenly in a motorcycle accident two decades ago (also in competition for the Goncourt and the Femina). But also Catherine Millet, well known for her “Sexual life of…”, which looks into “Beginnings” (Flammarion) on her intellectual training in avant-garde artistic circles, at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. Emma Becker is also always present, with “L’Inconduite” (Albin Michel), continuation of her exploration of desire after “the House”, where she described her experience of prostitution in a brothel in Germany. Another highly acclaimed work, “When you will listen to this song”, published in the excellent collection “My night at the museum” at Seuil and in which Lola Lafon confronted Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam.

Facing them, an author who has the distinction of being the only man and the only first-time novelist in the selection. This is Corentin Durand, 25, who in “l’Inclinaison” (Gallimard) depicts a young drug dealer repressing his homosexuality on a road trip along the Spanish coast, where he forms more or less worrying relationships. Will he achieve the feat of winning the 15,000 euros endowment against these seasoned novelists? Index on October 20 for the announcement of the finalists and verdict on October 26, for the award ceremony which will take place at the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint-Laurent Foundation.

Wepler Prize 2022: the 12 books selected

The 5 finalists for the December 2022 prize:

Prix ​​Femina 2022: 16 French novels and 15 foreign novels in the first list

To note : According to the latest news, the jury for the December prize is made up of Chloé Delaume, Laure Adler, Charles Dantzig, Arnaud Viviant, Oriane Jeancourt-Galignani, Patricia Martin, Amélie Nothomb, Christophe Honoré, Maxime Catroux and Claude Arnaud.

Also to note: Also to note: most of these books have been, or will soon be reviewed, in the literary pages of “L’Obs” and on BibliObs. And the latest news from the literary awards can be found here. An Oulipian constraint has crept in. Can you find her?

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