"decline accelerated": New study confirms "Sperm Crisis" – Men in industrialized countries particularly affected

“Sperm crisis” is perhaps too strong a word – yet the results are another large-scale study the Hadassah Hebrew University worrisome in Jerusalem. The results of the researchers around the epidemiologist Hagai Levine according to the average sperm count massively decreased in one ejaculation. And the development is apparent unstopable.

Accordingly, the number of sperm in the period from 1973 to 2018 per ejaculation on average 62 percent declined. At the same time, the sperm concentration per milliliter of ejaculate fell by 52 percent. According to the researchers, this results in an annual minus rate of 1.1 percent – although the decline has accelerated massively in the 21st century.

Sperm count is falling rapidly – men in industrialized countries are particularly affected

With their new study, the scientists updated one Research from 2017. At that time, the Israeli scientists evaluated data 185 analyzes of semen from a total of 143,000 men worldwide. In their 2022 paper, the researchers went even further. Whole 223 studies from 53 countries analyzed – this time there were round 57,000 men involved.

The difference from the 2017 study was that Subjects from Latin America, Asia and Africa were involved. And with that, the scientists from Jerusalem came to another worrying finding. Men’s sperm count industrialized countries has therefore declined particularly sharply. According to the researchers, it was found in men alone Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand a minus 60 percent.

So far, the researchers have not had any answers as to why this is exactly the case. Overall, the scientists appeal in their paper, the decline in sperm as global challenge to take seriously. Because at some point this could lead to massive problems in the preservation of humanity.

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