DEEBOT X1 OMNI: the secret of the autonomy of this robot vacuum cleaner is in its base [Sponso]

With its DEEBOT X1 OMNI automatic vacuum cleaner, ECOVACS clearly offers a high-end cleaning solution. It represents a significant investment, but justified if you no longer want to worry about the maintenance of your floors.

For a few years now, the market for robot vacuum cleaners has been growing strongly. Entrusting the maintenance of your home to a small electronic assistant is no longer marginal. There are a multitude of models, some managing to offer a correct service for a few hundred euros. Therefore, it is legitimate to wonder about the usefulness of devoting more than a thousand euros to the purchase of the ultimate.

The answer is simple. If you’ve come across an entry-level robot vacuum, you already know it. These devices must be emptied and recharged regularly, they sometimes get stuck in obstacles, and their performance is variable. In short, it often has to be taken care of or left behind. The promise of autonomous cleaning is therefore not really kept.

This is where the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI comes into play, a device whose design allows (really this time) to no longer worry about floor maintenance. You can get it on sale on Amazon at a price of 1,155 eurosinstead of 1,499 euros.

The robot that cleans (and cleans) itself

The first particularity of the ECOVACS robot is that it comes with an automatic maintenance station. This one presents itself as a rather imposing but rather elegant tower. This is where the DEEBOT returns after completing each of its escapades in your interior.


When it returns to its base on its own after cleaning, the robot first recharges its battery. Above all, he empties his dustbin, and washes and dries his mops with hot air. All alone. The show is not over, since the DEEBOT also has the gift of filling its water tank like a big one.

As a result, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI is a robot cleaner that really allows you to forget about the maintenance of your floors, since it operates completely independently. It is no longer necessary to think daily about the battery of your robot, emptying your dust bin, washing your mops by hand. All these operations are taken care of automatically. All that remains is to renew the station’s stocks, a few times a month, at most. The saving of time and energy is considerable.

Superior cleaning performance

Since we are talking above all about a vacuum cleaner and mop (and a rather expensive model), its raw performance must be up to par. On this point, do not worry: ECOVACS has ensured that no dust or stains remain after the passage of the DEEBOT X1 OMNI.

Under the small circular device, there is indeed a large main brush, as well as a pair of side brushes designed to go into the smallest corners. It’s the perfect trio of brushes to leave no dirt behind. On the suction side, the power is 5,000 Pa – that is to say at the top of the basket. The impunity of tiny specks of dust is over.

To remove stubborn stains, two mops of a nice diameter are also present, and operate at a rate of 180 revolutions per minute. All areas of the accommodation are well gridded, with DEEBOT peering through its high definition camera. As for autonomy, it reaches 140 minutes between two charges thanks to a 5,200 mAh battery. Unless you live in a castle, that should be enough.

Real efficiency and simplicity

One final point where the DEEBOT X1 OMNI goes above and beyond is the ease and breadth with which it can be programmed. It all starts with a mapping of the accommodation, so that our little assistant can take his marks. A process completed in just a few minutes, thanks to the laser rangefinder. The house plan is then found in the Ecovacs Home mobile application. It is possible to customize this plan in a very precise way: for example by designating a carpet to be bypassed in washing mode. Or even by creating an invisible wall at the level of the bay windows, so as to avoid the exits into the open air of which other models may be victims.

Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 OMNI 3

The Ecovacs Home application of course offers the possibility of requesting a service from the robot, very precisely. It is quite possible, for example, to give instructions to start with the living room before ending with the laundry room, with particular emphasis on the passage to the kitchen. Actions that can be launched now, or scheduled for later (or even recurring during the week).

All of this can be configured at the tip of your finger, but also by voice, thanks to the in-house assistant Yiko. Among the possible commands, one can in particular imagine: “vacuum the kitchen”, “return to the cleaning station”, or “check the battery level”. And if you can communicate with the DEEBOT, the opposite is also a reality, since an alert sounds when the time has come, for example, to add water to the station.

Until September 25, the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI in its white version is also on sale on Amazon at the price of 1099 euros thanks to code X1OSAVE200.

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