Deer launches into the Nichupté lagoon in Cancun, full of crocodiles

A whitetail deer was captured during this day in the Nichupté lagoon, this is a rare case where a deer is seen swimming across the lagoon, this despite the fact that the area is full of crocodiles inside, so the act of the mammal was brave and suicidal

The Twitter user tricia irrade, captured the exact moment in which a white-tailed deer was introduced to the Nichupté lagoon with the purpose of reaching the other end where the mangrove and a small island where it would develop. This is a rare case rarely documented on video.

The user was on a tour of the famous Jungle Tour, which has tours inside the lagoon Nichupte culminating in the open sea near Punta Nizuc, on these tours you can closely appreciate nature and the ecosystem that inhabits this space, which is one of the richest due to its diversity.

Not only do the famous and popular swamp crocodiles live in this lagoon, but there are also a large number of animals that survive in this hidden ecosystem, which is very representative of the state.

Venado launches into the Nichupté lagoon in Cancún, full of crocodiles.

Venado launches into the Nichupté lagoon in Cancún, full of crocodiles.

It is not common to see a deer jump into the lagoon, therefore the deer had to have crossed the entire lagoon for some strong reason, it may be for food, reproduction or reduction of its habitat. The moment has been saved in the memory of the tourist who was pleasantly surprised.

In the end, he arrived safely at his destination, as announced by the Twitter user who revealed the facts after recording the unusual moment.

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