Deezer launches app for Samsung smart TVs

O Deezer announced the arrival of your app for Samsung smart TVs earlier this week. With the new possibility, Deezer users can more easily access their playlists or albums to play music for everyone in the environment. There is also the option of listening to podcasts while people are doing other routine activities.

After installing the Deezer app on the Samsung smart TV, the user could not only listen to songs and podcasts, but also sing their favorite songs through the lyrics function. It is important to remember that you will also be able to listen to lossless audio files if you subscribe to the Deezer Hi-Fi plan.

Deezer: what are the current prices and how do they compare to the competition?

Currently, the “Hi-fi” category in the Deezer costs $ 34.90 and it’s the only streaming platform that charges considerably more to deliver CD-quality music (16-bit/44.1Khz). Tidal, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited plans are able to deliver the same quality for R$16.90.

streaming service Free version Basic plan Plano Premium Hi-fi plan family plan
Amazon Music Unlimited Sim Playlists and free radios R$ 16,90 R$ 16,90 R$ 25,90
Apple Music Sim free radios R$ 16,90 R$ 16,90 R$ 24,90
Deezer Not There is no in Hifi R$ 19,90 R$ 34,90 R$ 34.90 / Not available in Hi-fi
Spotify Sim Free with advertisements R$ 19,90 there is not yet R$ 34,90
Tidal Yes (US only) Free with advertisements R $ 16.90 (Hi-fi) R $ 33.80 (Hi-fi Plus) R $ 25,35 (Hi-fi) / R $ 50,70 (Hi-fi Plus)
YouTube Music Sim Free with advertisements R$ 16,90 There is not R$ 25,50

Launch and availability

The Deezer app developed for Samsung smart TVs has been available since the beginning of this week in more than 120 countries around the world, including Brazil.

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