Defense fell 1 to 0 against Platense and could not reach the top: the other four matches of the day in the Professional League

Defense fell 1 to 0 against Platense and could not reach the top: the other four matches of the day in the Professional League

Arsenal-Tigre, Platense-Defense, Atlético Tucumán-Barracas Central and Godoy Cruz-Belgrano, the other matches of the day

After Racing’s victory against Unión in Santa Fe, the activity on date 8 of the Professional League continued with five games. In addition to the emergency clash between Independiente and Colón, four other matches added color to Saturday’s activity, in which both the fight to avoid relegation and the race for the title are at stake.


Arsenal, last in the average table, achieved its first home victory in the Professional Football League (LPF), beating Tigre 2-0 in a game on the eighth date. The victory of the Viaducto team crystallized in the second half with goals from the Portuguese Luis Leal and Tiago Banega at 13 and 27 minutes. With the victory, Arse added three important points in its fight for permanence in the First Division, in addition to reaching Matador in the standings with 8 units.

Despite having the tournament’s top scorer, Mateo Retegui (6), who will travel to Italy in the following hours to join the selected European champion, Tigre showed a striking flaw in the definition that condemned him to defeat. In the first half, the visit managed the ball well with a fine-footed midfield (Castro, Prediger, Zabala and Molinas) but failed time and time again inside the area. Arsenal delivered a first notice at the end of that stage when goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinelli, after an error with his feet, made an effort in a double save against Leal and Braian Rivero. The Portuguese, before leaving with a physical problem, found revenge on his first chance of the second period, which was born from a free kick in favor of Tigre. Lautaro Guzmán led a counter at pure speed and Leal defined the left post with hierarchy.

With the lead, Arsenal gained confidence in their game and delivered a lethal blow to their opponents in a brilliant collective action, which Banega concluded with a well-aimed shot from the edge of the box. Tigre no longer had answers to reverse it and delivered his third consecutive fall, fourth in the last five games. Arsenal was nine points behind Sarmiento de Junín in the average table, for now the last team to achieve salvation, which will host River Plate tomorrow.


Arsenal: Alejandro Medina; Nestor Breitenbruch, Maximiliano Centurión, Joaquín Pombo and Adrián Sporle; Tiago Banega, Felipe Peña Biafore and Braian Rivero; Lautaro Guzmán, Luis Leal and Juan Cuesta Baena. DT: Carlos Ruiz.

Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Emanuel Aguilera, Víctor Cabrera and Sebastián Prieto: Cristian Zabala, Sebastián Prediger and Alexis Castro; Aaron Molinas; Mateo Retegui and Facundo Colidio. DT: Diego Martinez.

Stadium: Julio Humberto Grondona.

Referee: Ferdinand Espinoza.

Television: TNT Sports.


Platense reached Sarmiento de Junín in the table of averages after beating Defensa Justicia at home 1-0, which prevented him from reaching the top of the Professional League in a game on the eighth date. The goal that allowed those led by Martín Palermo to win again after five dates was converted by their striker Nicolás Servetto after 38 minutes. El Marrón technically left the relegation zone by matching Sarmiento in the penultimate step of the averages, who will host River Plate tomorrow night.

Defensa y Justicia came into the game with the idea of ​​winning and looking at everyone from above at least until San Lorenzo played, while Platense considered not losing, and starting to add to get out of the relegation zone. In the first minute, Florencio Varela’s men showed their parchments and the difference in category when from a long center, Nicolás uvita Fernández headed in on the penalty spot but between Macagno and the post they saved the locals. Those led by Julio Vaccari imposed their style and rhythm, while for their team, Palermo aimed to give guarantees in the background, but also to add people in the rival area.

The Platense footballers were able to limit the dominance of the green-yellows from the growth in the participation of Vicente Taborda, who put together the plays and made Ezequiel Unsaín work. Platense’s other standout player in the first half was striker Servetto, who forced Nazareno Colombo and Santiago Ramos Mingo to do their best to contain him. The feisty striker and all the squid people got the big prize when at minute 38, they executed a corner kick, a teammate headed in and Servetto changed the direction of the ball for 1-0.

In the second half, Platense started controlling the game, but his players felt the intensity and deployment and began to lose the ball and Palermo had to make changes. But the Defense players were very imprecise when it came to passing the ball and powerless to reach the rival area. Just around minute 40 he had a very clear chance in which David Barbona headed in, but judge Leandro Rey Hilfer ruled it offside. For its part, Palermo arranged a double line of four to defend the victory and left only one striker to fight against the defenders of the visit. The referee gave a discount of 9 minutes and in the last two corner kicks, Unsain went to Platense’s area to head, but it did not serve to prevent Platense from winning again in their stadium.


Platense: Ramiro Macagno; Nicolás Morgantini, Ignacio Vázquez, Marco Pellegrino and Sasha Marcich; Franco Baldassarra, Iván Rossi and Nicolás Castro; Vincent Taborda; Ronaldo Martinez and Nicolas Servetto. DT: Martin Palermo.

Defense and Justice: Ezequiel Unsain; Agustín SantAnna, Nazareno Colombo, Santiago Ramos Mingo and Alexis Soto; Julián López, Kevin Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Bogarín and David Barbona; Santiago Solari and Nicolas Fernandez. DT: Julio Vaccari.

Stadium: City of Vicente Lopez.

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer.

Television: TNT Sports.


Barracas Central rescued tonight a draw against Atlético Tucumán 1-1 in a match of the eighth date of the Professional Football League (LPF). Midfielder Facundo Mater, 1.64 meters tall, won in the heights inside the rival area and hit a perfect header for the final equality 9 minutes from regulation time. Forward Marcelo Estigarribia had put the locals ahead 25 minutes into the game, assisted by Mateo Coronel after controlling a long delivery from the defensive line and entering the rival area.

Barracas, with 9 points, was in 17th. position of the tournament, while Atlético, with 7, ranks 25th, only above Banfield, Colón de Santa Fe and Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata. On the next date, the “Handsome” will receive Boca Juniors and Atlético will visit Colón, the only team without victories in the LPF.


Atletico Tucuman: Thomas Marchiori; Moisés Brandán, Bruno Bianchi, Nicolás Romero and Matías Orihuela; Guillermo Acosta, Bautista Kociubinski and Joaquín Pereyra; Ignacio Maestro Puch, Marcelo Estigarribia and Mateo Coronel. DT: Lucas Pusineri.

Central barracks: Andrés Desabato; Facundo Mater, Agustín Dattola, Francisco Álvarez and Juan Ignacio Díaz; Mauro Peinipil, Carlos Arce, Iván Tapia and Lucas Colitto; Ricardo Centurión and Bruno Sepúlveda. DT: Rodolfo DePaoli.

Stadium: Monumental Jose Fierro.

Referee: Silvio Trucco.

Television: Public TV and ESPN.


Godoy Cruz recovered today from the harsh defeat against River Plate with a valuable victory over Belgrano de Córdoba 3-1, at home, for the 8th date of the 2023 Professional League tournament. Salomón Rodríguez (28m. PT); Gonzalo Abrego (37m. PT) and Enzo Larrosa (30m. ST) scored the goals in the victory of the Tomba at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza. Ulises Sánchez (45m. PT) discounted for Belgrano, who had the support of nearly eight thousand fans who were enabled to be located in one of the headwaters of the World Cup stadium.

Diego Flores’s team, which climbed to eighth place with 12 points, made the difference in the first half, first with luck and then with the ball stopped. To open the scoring, the Uruguayan Salomón Rodríguez pressed and took advantage of a rebound after a bad clearance from Belgrano’s defense and almost accidentally put it into Nahuel Losada’s goal. Before allowing the reaction of the visit, the group grocer extended the lead with a well-aimed header from Gonzalo Abrego after a corner kick. Before halftime, Ulises Sánchez discounted for the Pirate and he went to rest with the illusion of reaching the tie after a good ball that the scorer Pablo Vegetti lowered him.

In the second half, Belgrano got messy and went in search of equality, leaving many spaces in defense. So, after 30 minutes, Enzo Larrosa made it 3-1, which sealed the result and gave Godoy Cruz the victory. after last week’s setback at the Monumental stadium. Belgrano, who has 11 units, will seek to return to victory after two dates after the break for the FIFA date against a direct rival like Sarmiento on his return to Barrio Alberdi.


Godoy Cruz: Diego Rodriguez; Lucas Arce, Pier Barrios, Federico Rasmussen and Thomas Galdames; Bruno Laws and Gonzalo Abrego; Nicolás Fernández, Hernán López, Tadeo Allende; and Salomon Rodriguez. DT: Diego Flores.

Belgrano: Nahuel Losada; Juan Barinaga, Alejandro Rébola, Nicolás Meriano and Lucas Diarte; Santiago Longo and Iván Ortigoza; Ulises Sanchez, Ariel Rojas, Matias Garcia; and Pablo Vegetti. DT: William Farre.

Stadium: Argentine Malvinas.

Referee: Nazarene Arasa.

Television: TNT Sports.

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