Defense Minister: Vacation: Lambrecht had his son flown in by the Bundeswehr

Defense Minister Lambrecht’s son probably went on vacation with a Bundeswehr flight. But that’s not illegal.

  • Before a vacation on Sylt, Defense Minister Lambrecht was with the Bundeswehr in the north
  • Your son probably came with a Bundeswehr flight
  • That is probably allowed, but it still causes criticism

A young man is sitting in a Bundeswehr helicopter, in the background you can see the facade of the Ministry of Defense in Berlin. With the comment “Happy Easter” he posts a photo of the scene on his Instagram profile. A soldier? No, that Son from Secretary of Defense Christine Lambrecht (SPD).

The “Business Insider” portal reported on Monday (May 9) and suggested that Lambrecht told the 21-year-old about the readiness to fly armed forces fly to an Easter holiday on Sylt.

According to the Ministry of Defense (BMVg), it was not like that: it was possible Lambrecht accompanied by her son on April 13 on the flight to Ladelund in Schleswig-Holstein. There the minister visited the Battalion Electronic Warfare 911. The travel along of the son may seem unusual, but according to the applicable regulations it is permitted.

Christine Lambrecht is said to have assumed all costs for the Bundeswehr flight

The costs incurred were completely borne by the minister. In such a case, the Costs a comparable Lufthansa flight in second class. “Flight and cost reimbursement were therefore in full compliance with the guidelines for the use of aircraft readiness to fly BMVg instead,” said a spokesman for the ministry.

On to the subsequent island vacation Sylt The minister and her son traveled over Easter after the appointment. Lambrecht had previously been criticized for being in the midst of the Ukraine crisis Easter holidays had driven. (jdo)

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