Defense of accused of murder and abuse opposed the elevation to trial

Monday, November 21, 2022 | 5:00 a.m.

Almost two months after the request made by the Investigative Prosecutor of Puerto Iguazú for the file that has Jonatan “Polaquito” Ferreyra (33) accused of homicide and sexual abuse to the detriment of a friend and the The latter’s partner -event that occurred last April in the mentioned city-, from the defendant’s defense presented a proposal of opposition to the requirement made by the accusing party.

The event in which Polaquito is involved is one of the most resonant of the year due to the circumstances of the event. It was one of his alleged victims, an 18-year-old girl, who escaped from the defendant’s house after being raped in front of her baby and at the moment when her boyfriend, Bruno Méndez (25), was dying in another room after being stabbed to death by defendant.

According to data that this medium was able to access with sources linked to the investigation, those who represent the defendant in the process disagree with the criteria expressed by the prosecutor Horacio Paniagua in his brief presented before the head of the Three Investigation Court of Iguazú, Martín Brites to conclude the evidence collection stage.

From the defense they maintain that there are still evidentiary measures to be incorporated into the file. Among them, a psychological expertise for the young survivor and a psychiatric expertise for the accused stand out.

It should be remembered that at the end of last September, the prosecution requested that Ferreyra answer for the criminal figures of double qualified homicide for cruelty and criminis causae for the crime of Mendes and sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by the use of a weapon and illegitimate deprivation of the aggravated freedom against the young woman, all in real competition.

For this reason, it considered that the preparation of evidence was completed so that the file could be transferred to Criminal Court One of Eldorado. From the defensive point of view, it will be Judge Brites who must resolve the issue.

If it gives rise to the request of the defense or if it ratifies the criteria of the prosecutor and orders the total closure of the investigation of the case.

Expansion of inquiry
Since May of this year, from the moment he was notified of preventive detention, Ferreyra has been housed in a cell in the Eldorado III Penal Unit.

Although in mid-September, he was transferred again to Puerto Iguazú for an extension of the investigation in which he was notified of the incorporation of genetic expertise and that they are considered important for the investigative process.

As it turned out, the studies confirmed that he was at the scene of the event and that he sexually agreed to the victim, something that he himself had confessed.

In any case, the suspect, who changed lawyers, refrained from testifying and limited himself to saying this time that he “did not ratify” what he had said in his previous investigation.

Regarding that first statement, Ferreyra maintained that on the night of Tuesday, April 4, the three had consumed drugs and alcoholic beverages in the victim’s house until he retired with the young woman to her house, where they had sex. And then Mendez appeared with a knife and tried to stab him, so he defended himself with another knife and killed him. “I defended myself and left the mambo.”

The reconstruction of the event so far indicates that the tremendous attack occurred in a house in the Villa Alta neighborhood, where the defendant lived.

In this context, the young mother carrying her baby in her arms, Mendes and the host were drinking alcoholic beverages and listening to music.

From the chilling story of the survivor, it is known that at a certain moment of the evening, with the baby already sleeping, the couple decided to go to one of the rooms to have sex.

Although in the middle of the act, always from the girl’s contributions, the owner of the house interrupted them and expressed his desire to also access the young woman.

This generated the anger of Méndez who reacted immediately and pushed Ferreyra.

Immediately afterwards, a confrontation broke out that lasted several minutes between the two men and that moments later led to Polaquito attacking the visitor with a knife that he had in the house.

Seeing his opponent very badly injured and dying, the attacker looked for the young woman and abused her several times. And then he returned to the room where he had wounded Mendez and finished him off again with several blows.

Relatives of the victims demonstrated in Puerto Iguazú for this case. Photo: Norma Devechi

“He was asking for help, I saw how he was breathing”

In an interview with CVI Channel 5 of Iguazú, the survivor explained: “He – by Méndez – was there bleeding and asked me for help. My baby was crying and Polaquito told me to calm him down, so I gave him the breast to calm him down. Bruno asked me for help and I couldn’t even get close because he told me that he was going to kill me.

“He was asking for help, I saw how he was breathing until he stabbed him again and he stopped breathing,” he repeated.

In the midst of this situation, she even had to be docile with the murderer to protect her life and that of her little one.

“I came to say ‘I love you’ because I saw how the knife was passing through my baby’s face,” he graphed.

After the murder, the young mother was held captive until daylight. She told the investigators that at a certain moment she saw how the murderer took a shovel, dragged the body out and prepared to dig a grave to bury it. She started the job until the tool broke and she had to look for another, at which point the victim took the opportunity to flee.

She immediately crossed the backyard and hit the shack that served as a perimeter wall until a neighbor came to assist her. He first put her son to safety and then she jumped, they were able to get away from Polaquito, who tried to hold her. In the midst of this situation, Polaquito was able to flee and took refuge in a neighbor’s house. Agents from the Second Police Station in Iguazú were warned about what had happened around 10 o’clock and they arrested him moments later.

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