Defies the police recommendation: Implements pride

The case is being updated!

Police say they can not guarantee safety during Tuesday’s pride event in Mo i Rana and recommend that the event be postponed.

Margrethe Møllevik in Mo i Rana Pride tells TV 2 that she is informed about the police recommendation.

– We implement

Møllevik last spoke to the police at 9 pm last night. Then the police said it was safe and that they should be with them.

– We choose to carry out the event, she says.

Møllevik says she thinks the police have information that they do not share with her.

– We do not get clear answers as to whether they had received any new information than they had last night.

Møllevik says the mayor and deputy mayor of the municipality should hold an appeal, but that they will not come. Now they are trying to find replacements.

The Police Directorate’s recommendation

The background is the Police Directorate’s recommendation that all pride events throughout the country be postponed because PST considers that the country is still in an extraordinary threat situation after this weekend’s mass shooting in Oslo.

– It is up to each individual whether they want to come and be with us, but they have to feel it for themselves. We in the pride will show up. I do not have to go home because I am who I am, says Møllevik.

– Nordland Police District has therefore made a new assessment of whether pride events can be carried out in Nordland and has concluded that we do not recommend carrying them out. The safety of the citizens is our main priority, the police write in a press release.

– The police therefore recommend that tonight’s pride event in Mo i Rana be postponed, it continues.

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