Delete old social media accounts: Security through less personal data on the web

Over the years, many social media accounts accumulate on the web. Many of these are no longer in use, but often contain extensive collections of personal data. Depending on the provider, you can save them as an archive and then delete your account.

In our guide we give tips on how to find user accounts you thought were lost and explain how to delete your accounts via the browser: we list Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Last.FM (an older music network) as examples.

Many social network providers are reluctant to lose users because they make money from their data. The account deletion feature is often hidden deep within the settings. We’ll show you where to look.

Opening an account is quick and essential for many purchases and services. But do you have to leave all accounts in existence? It is generally advisable to search for old registrations. Not only are social media accounts dangerous, which you have opened up half your life to, but also shops: The small shop where you bought a cult t-shirt and were otherwise never active again, but which still keeps your payment data to this day knows. Or the long-forgotten streaming service, in which your Paypal account is still stored today.

Even large platform providers are never completely immune to server leaks and data theft. And the more user accounts you have on the internet, the more opportunities there are for sensitive personal data and passwords to fall into the hands of criminals.

In older networks and online services in particular, which no longer generate a great deal of user interest, there is a risk that their servers and accesses are no longer optimally protected and maintained. With such stolen data, forms of online fraud such as identity theft and phishing are possible.

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