Delight in provocation – who is Elke Heidenreich?

Flashback on the occasion, around 40 years ago. Elke Heidenreich on TV as Else Stratmann about the wedding of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly in Monaco in 1956: There were conspicuous Egyptians and Arabs in the church, “they never got along in Arabia”.

Yes, and later Rainier’s son-in-law, he would have had something with a Brazilian woman, “a half-breed or something”. Anyway, these Grimaldis. After Grace Kelly’s death, Rainier almost got himself a “dark one” at times so that he would not be so painfully lonely.

Stereotypes, clichés, prejudices, abbreviations, Else Stratmann – maybe you have to recall these sentences of the successful fictional character, the brash butcher’s wife from Wanne-Eickel from the 1970s and 80s, to remind you of Heidenreich and the excitement about what she said at Markus Lanz To understand better Tuesday evening.

The 78-year-old had spoken to Lanz about the events surrounding the Green politician Sarah-Lee Heinrich and sided with the critics of the 20-year-olds.

Heinrich was elected national spokeswoman for the Green Youth on Saturday – and is now experiencing a shit storm. It’s about tweets that she wrote at the age of 13 or 14 and that are perceived as racist and sexist. Heinrich had spoken of the “disgusting white majority society”, among other things. She apologized for and distanced herself from them – and withdrew from the public for days after receiving death threats.

[Lesen Sie hier ein Porträt über Sarah-Lee Heinrich: „Ich war schon immer streitlustig“ (T+)]

Heidenreich now said to Lanz about Heinrich, “She has no language at all (…). These are children again who don’t read, this is the generation of whom I notice again and again how speechless they are, how unable to deal with words. “Heidenreich has” the feeling that this is a girl who doesn’t think enough ” .

During that time, Heidenreich became an influential literary critic

It makes them skeptical, so Heidenreich, with a view to the election of Heinrich to the top office of the Green Youth, “that one first says, the main thing is diverse, the main thing is a migration background, the main thing is quota”.

The Green politician Jürgen Trittin, who pointed out that “these people” in certain positions perceive the permanent question of origin as “marginalized and discriminatory”, she replied that from her point of view this was “completely nonsensical”.

“If someone looks like her, I ask, of course, where are you from or where are you from – and not to discriminate against them.” she has parents who come from somewhere else. ”And when asked“ Where are you from? ”to a“ nice dark-skinned taxi driver ”who speaks Cologne perfectly, she doesn’t find that discriminatory.

Well, maybe the taxi driver does, that’s also the critical tenor on social media. The fact that the whole thing took place on a panel of five white people talking about a black woman is also perceived as problematic. The social media storm has never ended since then. Heidenreich under suspicion of racism.

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Where does it come from? How deep is that in there? To whom and how many does she speak from the heart? Strong irritation, to say the least. There remains the reference to the raving Else Stratmann, therefore a look at Heidenreich’s vita: studying German, journalism, theater history and religious studies, the invention of the petty-bourgeois fictional character, writer with books about music, the Rhine, inventions and autobiographies, presenter of numerous TVs – and radio broadcasts with the ZDF program “Read!” from 2003 to 2008 as the highlight, crowned by the Grimme Prize.

During this time Heidenreich became an influential literary critic. When Heidenreich was invited to talk shows again, you noticed: She wants to be heard, there is steam in the kettle, eager to provoke, also opinionated – which is now gratefully received by the social media bubble.

Well, at least that is what Elke Heidenreich has achieved: Her statements to “Markus Lanz” have been shared and commented a thousand times.

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