Deliveries: do companies really respect ethical standards?


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L.Aguirre, G.Messina, G.Margue, C.Beauvallet – France 3

France Televisions

Delivery companies are on the rise. In an attempt to attract more customers, some businesses claim to be green. Yet most would not meet certain standards.

It is a habit for many, to have their shopping or meals delivered to their homes by soliciting specialized companies. While many claim to be ecological, many of them do not respect elementary ethical rules. “At first, I thought we were going to have a salary status (…), in the end, we didn’t have any of that”says a worker with a masked face. Employed for the Stuart platform, she is in fact attached to a subcontractor company.

The young woman also claims that her job is not declared. To do her job, she does not use the bicycle as the company promises for its delivery people, but her own car. “I recruited and endangered the lives of many couriers on the roads, all that black, all without a declaration of employment, without insurance, without a URSSAF declaration, without anything”testifies with a hidden face one of the former employees of a subcontractor of the platform.

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