Deliveries: knife wounds at christening ceremony: Romanians in Germany in custody

Two men are said to have fatally injured a Hagen (28) with knives. A dispute between around 20 participants had previously escalated.

After a serious argument on the sidelines of a christening ceremony with 140 guests in Duisburg-Rheinhausen, two Romanian suspects are now in custody in Germany. The two 20 and 33-year-old men are said to have fatally injured a Hagen (28) at the event in mid-September. Immediately after the crime, the duo, who had previously been registered in Germany, went to their home village, the small town of Urziceni in Romania. According to Duisburg public prosecutor Jill McCuller, the two men were extradited to Germany as planned after their arrest in mid-October.

The suspects, against whom the German authorities had obtained a European arrest warrant and who were also being searched for by a public manhunt, have not yet provided any information on the allegations, says McCuller. They were represented by lawyers.

The victim had to be operated on in hospital

At around 1 a.m. on the night of September 23 to 24, a dispute between two groups in the event hall on Friedrich-Albert-Strasse escalated. “Chairs were flying, too,” says McCuller. About 20 people are said to have bumped into each other. The later victim is also said to have attacked other participants beforehand. Finally, the two suspects are said to have pulled out knives and stabbed 28-year-old Hagener. He had to be operated on. Immediately afterwards it was said that the victim could have suffered permanent physical damage. However, there is currently no more precise information on this. According to the public prosecutor, Hagen has now been able to leave the hospital.

Through extensive investigations, the authorities were able to track down the suspected stabbers. However, there was no sign of much support from most of the participants at the christening ceremony. The willingness to speak to the investigating authorities was low, it is said. “We don’t know what exactly triggered the dispute,” says McCuller. The christening ceremony was dissolved immediately after the escalation of the dispute. A number of visitors had quickly disappeared of their own accord. The investigation into the attempted homicide is ongoing. There are no other suspects at the moment.

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