Delivery and branch bakeries are demanding emergency aid for skyrocketing energy prices so that a supply crisis can be avoided

Association of German Large Bakeries eV

Delivery and branch bakeries are demanding emergency aid for skyrocketing energy prices so that a supply crisis can be avoided

Dusseldorf (ots)

“During the Corona lockdown times, the state governments also decided that individual bakeries, branch and delivery bakeries were systemically relevant for the infrastructure. Essential staff therefore received help even during the lockdown, e.g. emergency care in daycare centers and schools. The bakehouses and the The entire supply chain remained in operation and the population was supplied with the staple food bread,” emphasizes Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers. She does not understand at all why there is no immediate financial aid for bakeries due to the current crisis caused by the extreme energy cost burden. The existential threats are

1. the impending tenfold increase in energy costs, which cannot be passed on to consumers through price increases,

2. The impending losses that could force economically healthy companies to close down.

In the worst case, there would then be a risk of a supply gap for bread and baked goods.

Detmers: “In order to avoid a supply crisis, we are sending an SOS to the politicians. For individual, branch and delivery bakeries there are already the threats of staff shortages, vacant managerial positions and price increases in 2022 compared to 2021. While price increases for ingredients, packaging, logistics, etc. could be passed on to customers through moderate price increases for bread and baked goods, exploding energy costs can no longer be covered by further price increases.”

It therefore calls for the following immediate political measures:

1. Unbureaucratic liquidity support from the EEG billions. 17.4 billion euros are currently on the account for the promotion of renewable energies. Part of this should be used to maintain solvency and avoid bankruptcies for basic suppliers such as bakeries that are threatened existentially.

2. A simple application procedure for KfW loans with favorable interest rates and several years’ freedom from repayment.

3. The energy cost containment program with subsidies for natural gas and electricity should be extended. The application and proof should be as simple as possible and also be able to be processed by small and medium-sized companies.

The fear of insolvency must be immediately taken away from small and medium-sized businesses. A lack of workers, staff gaps in the case of company successors, hybrid forms of work, etc. are already pushing the capabilities of small and medium-sized companies to the limits of human capabilities. Calm is needed now so that hope can grow again, says Detmers in her function as president of the branch and delivery bakeries.

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