Dell also tests reverse wireless charging on its laptops, reveals an Apple-like patent

It seems that the charging mechanism of the future is put the cell phone on a laptop. A recent patent Dell reveals that the American company is working on a feature for reverse wireless charging, similar to one it introduced Manzana.

Basically, the patent shows that Dell think about using the surfaces of your laptops to charge devices. The system consists of putting, for example, a telephone on an accessory attached to the notebook that supplies inductive power.

The website of techspot shared in his report the illustrations of the patent application 20220239124 in the United States by Dell.

pictures show a wireless charging clip that connects to a laptop just below the keyboard using magnets and a power outlet connection on the laptop. Devices such as cell phones would be on top of the clip made up of a charging coil and a ferrite sheet.

Comparing it with Apple’s

For its part, Apple has been one of the companies that has most insisted on patenting designs for reverse wireless charging and one in particular could arrive very soon.

The Cupertino Company could be preparing to develop a MacBook that can charge the iPhone wirelesslywith a keyboard that has a customizable surface or that serves as a loading platform.

Apple considers the use of transparent dielectric materials such as plastic, glass, or ceramic material to form a touch-sensitive input surface.

One of the options handled by the company is replace a traditional touch keyboard with a fully digital oneenabled by a glass touch-sensitive glass surface.

It is important to note that patents often do not materialize into actual products. For now, we have to settle for knowing that companies like Apple and Dell are experimenting with this wireless charging feature.

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