Deloitte Teams Up with Crypto Giant to Help Companies Adopt Bitcoin

An announcement published by financial advisory firm Deloitte this Monday (21/06) reveals the creation of a strategic alliance with NYDIG, a company focused on the Bitcoin ecosystem. The partnership will offer services based on the cryptocurrency ecosystem in various sectors. The purpose is to accelerate the availability of Bitcoin-based financial services.

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The announcement comments on increasing interest around the world for a reliable way to invest in Bitcoin. The publication explains that the partnership between Deloitte and NYDIG wants to help global financial institutions and banks offer this new investment while, at the same time, as a main point, ensuring compliance with the laws.

For Richard Rosenthal, leader and director of banking regulatory practices for digital assets at Deloitte, the future of financial services will focus on the use of digital assets. Rosenthal explains that the partnership shows how focused the company is on advising clients on how to engage in a regulated and compliant manner with this new and expanding market.

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Yan Zhao, president of NYDIG, explains in the announcement that Deloitte is the perfect partner to help companies move forward in executing projects involving the Bitcoin ecosystem. For him, the partnership represents a future in which traditional financial infrastructure will be combined with that of digital assets, to “offer the best experience with the highest standards”.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that most interests institutional investors. Companies such as Microstrategy, Tesla and now Deloitte, have shown widespread interest in the digital currency (Image: Reproduction/Envato-envato/jirkaejc)

About NYDIG and Deloitte

NYDIG is a company specializing in services based on the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company seeks to stimulate a more inclusive economic system by providing technology and financial services to organizations from various sectors that are interested in implementing the first cryptocurrency ecosystem in their processes.

Deloitte provides services to leading companies in the audit, consulting, tax and advisory industry, including nearly 90% of Fortune 500 organizations and more than 7,000 private institutions worldwide. It is a global giant in the services sector that sees the potential of Bitcoin, which with the partnership wants to promote and help its customers to develop solutions based on cryptocurrency.

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