Demands the return of the diamond – accuses the royal family of theft

Great anger after the pictures of the scepter!

Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused

After the commercial: Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused


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At festive occasions and public events, Queen Elizabeth used to appear in diamond-encrusted jewels.

She was the proud owner of over 300 luxurious and glamorous pieces of jewelry. According to Metro magazine, her private jewelry collection consisted of 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches and five pendants.

In addition, the coffin in which she was buried had been decorated with several royal objects such as claimed to be worth several million pounds.

Largest diamond ever discovered

The royal scepter, which is on top of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, is also adorned by Cullinandiamante, also called “the great star of Africa”.

The diamond was found in Cullinan in South Africa 1905 and was then the largest diamond ever discovered.

Two years later it was bought up by the then province Transvaal and was then passed on to it British King Edward VII.

According to Danish See and hear a total of 105 gems were cut out of the diamond, the largest of which is found in the scepter.

Queen Elizabeth's coffin

The scepter is on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

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Accuses the British of theft

But opinions differ as to whether the scepter is a gift or theft. Several South Africans are convinced that it was stolen from South Africa, a discussion that has now been given new life in connection with Elizabeth’s death.

More than 6,000 people have signed a citizens’ petition to bring the diamond back to South Africa so it can be exhibited in a museum in the country.

– The Cullinand diamond should be returned to South Africa with immediate effect. Our country’s minerals continue to benefit the British people at the expense of our own people, the campaigner has said Thanduxolo Sable told local media.

“Does not exonerate the recipient”

The university professor Everisto Benyera, who teaches African politics and history, also does not believe the diamond was a gift and was in fact a theft.

– Receiving a stolen diamond does not absolve the recipient. The Cullinandia diamond is a blood diamond. The private mining company, the Transvaal government and the British Empire were all part of a larger colonial network, Everisto Benyera told See and Hear.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8. She lived to be 96 years old and sat on the throne for 70 years.


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