Dependency: the cost of home support


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Caregivers allow the elderly to age at home. Aid that has cost, but for which there is funding, as explained by Alexandre Peyrout, journalist at France Televisions.

The cost of home help varies according to age. For a person between 65 and 75, the total expenditure is estimated at 583 euros per month, a figure that rises to 748 euros per month for people aged 75 to 85. After 85 years, this cost jumps to 1,939 euros per month on average. “The older you get, the more autonomy you lose, and therefore the more frequent recourse to home help is”, indicates Alexandre Peyrout. Despite everything, calling on a home help remains cheaper than living in an nursing home, the monthly cost of a stay being estimated at 2,004 euros according to a study. “The disparities between the territories are however significant”, underlines the journalist.

State funding mechanisms exist such as the personalized autonomy allowance (APA), the amount of which varies according to income. “This aid allows people over 60 with loss of autonomy to carry out improvements or to equip themselves with a remote assistance system”, specifies Alexandre Peyrout. Seniors can also benefit from a 50% tax credit up to a limit of 12,000 euros per year, if they call on home help.

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