Deputies approved funds for the first stage of the Pacific Airport

On the night of Tuesday, June 21, the Salvadoran Congress approved with 66 votes, reforms to the 2022 Budget Law, to incorporate $12 million to the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), so that said State portfolio start with stage one of the Pacific Airportwhich will be built in the eastern part of the country.

The execution of this project, according to the deputies, will contribute to the economic and social development of the eastern zone of El Salvadorsince it will encourage the growing demand of passengers who visit the national territory by air.

The Law for the Construction, Administration, Operation and Maintenance of the International Airport of the Pacific, approved by the current legislature, establishes that the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) will be the authority in charge of the execution of the project, being able to delegate functions to Public Works to guarantee the start-up of the future air terminal.

Design of the Pacific Airport to be built in the eastern part of El Salvador. | THE PAGE NEWSPAPER | Photo: Courtesy Assembly.

In this sense, the deputies simplified the procedures to avoid the Law of Acquisitions and Purchases of the Public Administration (LACAP) for its adjudication and that the purchase processes will be governed by the guidelines of the Regulatory Unit of Acquisitions and Contracts (UNAC) , of the Ministry of Finance.

“El Salvador is planning an airport that many in the opposition believed would remain a proposal. The department of La Unión has a lot of potential«, assured the deputy of New Ideas, William Soriano.

The legislators explained that this work will promote local tourism and enhance the activation of the Port of La Unión.

The execution of the project also contemplates that the companies that participate in the construction of the airport and manage the project once it is carried out will be exempt from taxes for 25 years.

«The Pacific Airport is a real work for El Salvador. It fills me with satisfaction to support this project, since it will benefit the entire population”pointed out deputy Edwin Serpas.

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