Deputies declare a “zone of cultural interest” to the pre-Hispanic settlement located under the ash from the eruption of the Ilopango volcano

This September 20, the deputies that make up the work table of the Committee on Culture and Education They approved the decree declaring a “zone of cultural interest” the pre-Hispanic settlement that is located under the ash from the eruption of the Ilopango volcano.

Culture Commission. | THE PAGE NEWSPAPER | Photo: Courtesy Assembly.

According to the Minister of Culture, Mariemm Pleitez, Said declaration would allow the Ministry of Public Works to carry out mitigation works in the area affected by the flooding of a nearby ravine, as well as joint work with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to study the newly discovered settlement and apply protection measures. .

«On September 13, the National Directorate of Cultural Heritage proclaimed the pre-Hispanic find as land of cultural interest. We made a declaration to work together with the municipality of Tonacatepeque and Soyapango”.

It is worth mentioning that among the measures that the Ministry will implement in the area are:topographic survey of the area, cordoning off and closing access to the site for trucks and people, security to prevent looting, and the construction of mitigation works to protect the settlement from moisture caused by the rains, rivers, and streams near the site.

The visible structures that have been identified at the site are:

  • Three rectangular earth platforms similar to the structure of a house, with different dimensions: 5 meters wide by 3.8 meters long; the second and third, at least 4.5 meters wide by 5.2 long.

During the development of the meeting, the deputy of Nuevas Ideas Suecy Callejas did not rule out the intervention of the National Directorate of Municipal Works (DOM) due to the millionaire investments that should be made in the settlement discovered as part of the corresponding inter-institutional actions. She proposed that the Ministry of Finance be empowered to allocate the necessary funds for the actions that the institutions must carry out.

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