Deputy Alexia Rivas blames the Arena and Fmln governments for “abandoning their commitment to the country’s security”

Deputy Alexia Rivas, of the Nueva Ideas party, blamed the former Fmln and Arena governments this morning for not assuming the commitment to offer security to the population and, above all, reproached that these parties in the Legislative Assembly “continue to deny their votes to support initiatives that combat gangs.

“Previous governments did not have the vision or the commitment to provide security to the population. The extension of the Exception Regime adds to the news from President Nayib Bukele about the construction of the Terrorism Confinement Center”, assured deputy Rivas in the television interview.

In the informative space in which the deputy Marcela Pineda also participated, she expressed that with the implementation of the Territorial Control Plan and the Exception Regime there has been a positive impact among the population and now salvadorans can perceive peace and tranquility in the country .

“With the measures that we approve, people feel safe. We are encouraging respect for rights. Due to insecurity, many mothers worried about their children arriving home, now they are calmer, ” said Deputy Pineda.

On the other hand, the legislators assured that with the approval of the new Grow Together Law, a historical debt with early childhood, childhood and adolescence has been settled, guaranteeing the integral development of new and future generations, far from violence, to not allow another Salvadoran life to be lost.

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