Despite three vaccinations – Fritz Wepper is not allowed to see his wife

They are only a few kilometers apart, but they are not allowed to meet.

How much would Susanne Kellermann (47) hug her husband, TV star Fritz Wepper (80). But for two weeks she has not been allowed to enter the rehab clinic, where he has been recovering from cancer surgery since February.

They’re not even allowed to meet outside. Although both are triple vaccinated. Reason: the pandemic situation!

A clinic spokeswoman on BILD: “In general, a 2G-plus rule applies in the clinic. But there is currently a ban on visiting wards that are particularly medically sensitive in order to protect patients. “

Susanne Kellermann on BILD: “It is sad that it has come to the point again that sick and old people cannot see their relatives. This is a disaster that should have been prevented. “

Nevertheless, there is reason to be happy: Wepper’s greatest wish will soon come true. Kellermann: “Fritz is allowed to leave the clinic at the beginning of December. The strength with which he fought his way back is unbelievable. “

And: “Fritz has so much life energy and joy in him.”

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