Destiny 2: Bungie denounces a cheater, and he denounces Bungie!

For some time now, Bungie has declared a real war on cheaters. For this reason, the studio has decided not only to ban from the servers of Destiny 2 all those who take advantage in an unfair way, but also to bring to court all those who create these cheats. In a series of events that is paradoxical, however, the developer has been sued by one of these cheaters.

AimJunkies, in fact, has decided to sue Bungie after receiving a complaint from the developers of Destiny 2. The reason is that, according to the cheater, the studio made illegal access to the files on their computer. Quoting the LSLA, a license agreement that is signed when using a software, the man pointed out that Bungie’s action would be incorrect. According to AimJunkies, the contract does not allow the studio to access users’ private files. In addition, the violation also exposed confidential documents relating to employees of Phoenix Digital, a company managed by the cheater.

However, the aforementioned contract terms date from 2019 and have been updated later. In fact, the new LSLA allows Bungie to access players’ computers in case they are cheaters. Additionally, AimJunkies claims that he was contacted by an unidentified “Martin Zeniu” just to sell this Destiny 2 cheat. Apparently, however, it would have been a Bungie employee who, once he got the software, got it right. to exploit it to track down the author.

Destiny 2

Bungie’s crusade against Destiny 2’s cheaters, so far, has resulted in three successful lawsuits for nearly $ 13.5 million in earnings, plus some job offers. However, in this case, it looks like AimJunkies is bound to get away with it. The complaint, in fact, has currently been rejected in court and we do not know if it will be possible to present it again in the future.

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