Detox. Fake video of Elizabeth II feeding African children released in Russia


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In the flagship show 60 minutes broadcast on the Russian state channel Rossiya Adyn, broadcast images a priori unflattering for the Queen of England.

Tuesday, September 13, the British government announced that neither Vladimir Putin nor any Russian representative was invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. A rejection visibly badly experienced in Russia, since the next day in the flagship program 60 minutes broadcast on the Russian state channel Rossiya Adynthe host Olga Skabeyeva has settled accounts with the United Kingdom by broadcasting images a priori unflattering for the queen.

This is what Queen Elizabeth II looked like when she was young. This is how she fed African children. Look at this cuteness, she treats them like animals in a zoo. This video also embodies the attitude of the West and the Anglo Saxons with the whole world, except themselves. »

Contrary to what the Russian host thought to prove, these images showing the colonialist attitude of a woman who certainly resembles the Queen of England have nothing to do with Elizabeth II or with Africa.

By performing a reverse image search, Déintox discovered that the Russian television video is a colorized version ofa film shot in Indochinaprecisely in Vietnam, in 1899 or 1900 by the French director Gabriel Veyre. According to the Lumière catalogthe woman shown on screen is a Frenchwoman who throws coins and not food to children in the French protectorate of Annam.

Nothing to do with the queen, therefore, who was also born in 1926. That is more than 25 years after these images were shot.

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