Deutsche Bahn: Many construction sites on the railway in NRW, even at the beginning of the holiday season

In the summer holidays starting on Friday, many lanes are likely to be full. The railway again has some construction sites on routes and stations.

The summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia start on Friday: That means a lot of traffic on the motorways in the west, full trains because of the 9-euro ticket and construction sites at Deutsche Bahn. Because in the summer holidays they want to push ahead with modernization and expansion projects in NRW and bundle various construction measures in order to make the best possible use of the time with presumably fewer passengers, the railway said.

DB invests two billion euros in works

According to DB, a total of around two billion euros will be available for work on routes and stations in NRW in 2022. These flow into the renewal of around 310 kilometers of track, 415 switches and 21 bridges. There are also construction sites at 140 train stations this year.

Dortmund Central Station is currently particularly affected. As part of a modernization project there, platform entrances will be renewed and a pedestrian tunnel will be expanded. Therefore, there could be track changes, connection losses and stop failures, it said on the part of the DB.

Stop cancellations on lines RE1 and RE5

Due to work on a fourth track in Leverkusen, the underpass at Leverkusen Mitte station has already been closed. Until the beginning of August, there will be no stops on the RE1 and RE5 lines due to the construction work, and the S-Bahn trains 6 and 68 between Langenfeld and Cologne-Mülheim and Langenfeld and Düsseldorf will no longer be available.

Due to track and platform work between Soest and Warburg in Westphalia, there are changed departure times and the use of rail replacement buses in and around Paderborn. In addition, all trains on the Cologne-Gera IC line will be canceled until July 14th.

Route between Kleve and Krefeld completely closed

New signal boxes are being built on the Lower Rhine. The route between Kleve and Krefeld will therefore be completely closed from Friday evening until August 7th. Buses should be used instead. (dpa)

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