Developed with the Unreal Engine 5, ArcheAge 2 will be released on PC and consoles

No launch window has been communicated for this new big production which already announces the color in terms of production with this trailer which it is probably better to take with a few tweezers. ArcheAge 2 will always take place on the continent of Auroria, a mecca of medieval fantasy. This video also offers nods to the original game that the 20 million users who have been part of the adventure will be able to grasp, whether it is that of the original game or its new version released in 2019, ArcheAge: Unchained.

Executive producer of the XLGAMES studio, Jake Song tells a little more about his ambitions with this sequel:

We mainly focus on action-packed combat as well as producing an immersive storyline. We are aiming for AAA level visuals with Unreal Engine 5 and intend to deliver a non-linear, progression-based experience in an open and transparent world.

The timeline is similar to ArcheAge I. This is a period when Auroria was discovered and people begin to settle there. The plot will be to uncover and solve the mysteries of an ancient civilization that has been forgotten for thousands of years, letting it blend into the natural environment.

ArcheAge I trading was enjoyed by many players, but the system had a few flaws. In ArcheAge II, we intend to improve the trading system so that players can trade alone, in teams, or in raids.

Another popular feature of ArcheAge I was the housing feature. We plan to improve it by adding more customizations, allowing players to live in towns with their friends, and even creating their own towns with their guild members.

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