Devolver Digital announces Gunbrella on Switch and Steam

But with Gunbrella, it is above all the fetishists of umbrellas who will lick their whales. Here, the Gunbrella is all at the same time a firearm, a shield, a thruster, a glider or even a zip line. The story does not say if it protects well from the rain, but the woodcutter who handles the object has undoubtedly made a good deal by obtaining it as part of his investigation placed under the sign of revenge.

Still quite sparse in detail, the game takes place in an industrial and supernatural society, where an important natural resource begins to run out dangerously, and lets us loose in the middle of ghouls, gangsters, cops and gurus. It is not only a question of shooting at everything that moves, however, but also of discussing with characters and recording the information in his investigation notebook.

We also know that it will be possible to buy upgrades and ammunition in exchange for spare parts picked up along the way, or that our quest will take us to different regions, even to the legendary city of Avalon, where it is said that t is still possible to admire the sky. To check this, Gunbrella will be released in 2023 on Switch and Steam.

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