Diablo 4: Defeating Ashava - World Boss Survival Tips

Diablo 4: Defeating Ashava – World Boss Survival Tips

At first he took his time, but then the first world boss spawned after all: With an hour’s delay, we were able to fight our first big battle with Ashava, the infected: The giant beast is basically a raid boss in the open world, you So you don’t have to form special groups, traverse dungeons or move in with a guild. Just go there and hit it with other players – it’s basically nothing more. However, Ashava hits pretty hard for it, poorly equipped players often fall out of their shoes after just one hit. Worse still, you only have 10 minutes to defeat the first world boss or Ashava will retreat back into her poison pool! Here you will learn a few practical tips on where and how you can defeat Ashava.

Where and when does the world boss Ashava, the plagued spawn?
You can find Ashava in The Crucible area, a level 25 zone. But be careful: Ashava spawns at fixed times in the beta – and due to a (rather nice) mistake by Blizzard, they have been pushed back by an hour. In the pre-order beta, Ashava now spawns at these times:

  • March 18th at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m
  • 19th March at 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m

Ashava spawns at fixed times in the beta at this location: The Crucible, in the far east of the map.
Source: PC games

You should bring that with you

To have any chance against Ashava, you should have reached level 25, which is the maximum level in the beta. Proper equipment with high health, damage and resistance values ​​goes without saying. (If you have rings with poison resistances, now would be a good opportunity to put them on!) Also very, very useful: equipment that gives you an additional dodge roll (called “Escape” in the game). Also remember that you can redistribute all of your Talent Points for very little money. So if in doubt, adjust your skill. In addition, you should buy a potion for poison resistance from the alchemist and whistle it in before the fight.

Tips for fighting Ashava the Plagued

In the fight you have to make sure that Ashava has a huge range. She covers a huge radius with her claws and creates poisonous pressure waves that even barbarians with many life points can send to the mat in one go. Our tip is therefore clear: Get close to the boss! Ideally, you circle the cattle and stand behind them, so you can land a few hits without threatening too much danger. However, if Ashava raises a claw, a ring will appear on the ground – in that case do a dodge roll immediately or you’ll take a hefty hit. If Ashava runs, follow! The more you stay on the boss, the better your chances of staying alive. Otherwise you could lose valuable time that you need to dish out damage.

Stay as close to Ashava as possible.  At a distance, their attacks are deadly!

Stay as close to Ashava as possible. At a distance, their attacks are deadly!
Source: PC games

Remember, the fight only lasts 10 minutes, after that Ashava just retreats! So it really comes down to you and all other players dealing out as much damage as possible. And that’s best done when you’re not desperately trying to stay alive. Incidentally, in later phases Ashava will produce more poison puddles, which you should at least be able to cope with your poison resistance potion a little better. Use your health potions, of course, but note that few replacement potions will spawn in this fight, and Ashava doesn’t have any minion creatures to resupply. So anything that gives you extra healing is valuable here. We hope these tips put Ashava to shame – let us know how far you got in the comments!

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