Diablo 4 leak: 43 minutes of gameplay to discover here

Diablo IV ©Blizzard Entertainment

This weekend, the leak of GTA 6 stirred up the Web considerably. And for good reason, no image of the future best-seller had yet been unveiled until then. The season of leaks continues this Monday with another title also eagerly awaited by players: Diablo 4. Scheduled for 2023, the game is obviously less secret than GTA 6 since a short gameplay video and screenshots had already been officially unveiled.

But fans of the franchise now have a much more substantial insight into the innards of the future title. After the reveal of images from the alpha of Diablo 4, 43 minutes of gameplay shared in two videos have burst online. This leak most certainly comes from a preliminary version intended for testing. We can also observe the watermark “PRIVATE TEST BUILD” with a series of numbers. These should allow Blizzard to identify the player at work and track him down.

Diablo 4 leaked online

This test of an alpha version seems to have been recorded during a restricted stream session, a priori on Discord. It gives a nice overview of the gameplay, the alpha version being obviously at a significant stage of progress. These images will inevitably increase the hype on the game which will be released next year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. Moreover, the first reviews of Diablo 4 were enthusiastic to say the least.

Ready to take on Sanctuary and its swarms of dungeons and treasures? As a reminder, here is the synopsis of the game: “Slay endless demons, master countless abilities, venture through nightmarish dungeons, and amass legendary loot in this vast, desolate world that holds many adventures in store for you. Survive and triumph over the darkness… or fall into the deepest oblivion ». You have been warned!

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