Diablo Immortal: already more than 24 million dollars in profit for Blizzard

Despite the many criticisms aroused by Diablo Immortal in recent weeks, we have to believe that Blizzard had a good nose since we learned today that the game generated more than 24 million dollars for the American group. At the end of May, we learned that the game would not be released in the Benelux for legal issues related to microtransactions.

Over $20 million after two weeks of release

Diablo Immortal is therefore the latest installment in the saga developed by Blizzard and NetEase. The title planned for mobiles and PC offers a hack ‘n’ slash formula with six classes to choose from: the witch, the monk, the barbarian, the crusader, the demon hunter and the necromancer. The game has been widely criticized for its business model and today the first figures on the game are impressive.

It is the commercial information tool Appmagic which publishes this data shared by pocket gamer. We discover that Diablo Immortal has been downloaded more than 8.5 million times since its release on June 2. This already makes it Blizzard’s second most popular mobile game, behind Hearthstone.

In terms of revenue generated by the game, it was mainly the American public who put their hand in their pocket since they generated 43% of total revenue, ahead of South Korea which generated 23%. Japan, Germany and Canada account for 8%, 6% and 3% respectively, while the bottom 17 percent of revenue is from other markets.

Feedback on Diablo Immortal, both its gameplay and its economic model, is generally quite negative. On Metacritic, the game got the lowest user rating in site history with 0.2/10. As soon as the game was released, a report revealed that the total cost of improving a character could reach $110,000 in microtransactions. Game director Wyatt Cheng later said on Twitter that the backlash to the game was “based on misinformation”.

Regardless of the first returns, Blizzard manages to generate large sums thanks to Diablo Immortal and this objective remains central to the strategy of the American group, hoping that Diablo IV will raise the level and respect the heritage of the license.

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