Diablo Immortal: Still cheeky, still a mega hit

as blizzard two months ago the wild beast Diablo Immortal unleashed on the players, many players and critics agreed: The mechanics and microtransactions of the game come directly from the rip-off swamp and in our test we also called Diablo Immortal a “mobile game between hit and hell”.

Criticism has not been able to scratch its success so far, on the contrary: Diablo recently surpassed Immortal (buy now ) the unbelievable box office total of $100 million, leaving the mobile title in the dust with all but a few exceptions. Also in things player numbers just doesn’t want to let the wave of success fade away.

More than 30 million players: Launch in China makes Diablo Immortal even more successful

Diablo Immortal has only just made a decent leap in terms of the number of players. It’s his fault Launch in China, which took place on July 25th, almost two months after the worldwide release with a noticeable delay. That the gigantic mobile market of China catapulted the success of Diablo Immortal to new heights should come as no surprise to anyone.

This is how Diablo Immortal now records more than 30 million players worldwide. On twitter shared the happy news for Blizzard with the saying “30 million mortals and many vanquished demons” and to celebrate the success, gave the players an in-game thank you consisting of one legendary and six rare ones emblems.

Legendary emblems, which Blizzard wants to make available to players more easily and more frequently since the last patch about two weeks ago, were just one of many on the long list of criticisms from players. The incredible amount of confusing real money systems in Diablo Immortal with its chests and jewels is still a thorn in the side of many fans despite the fun of the game.

Source: Diablo Immortal on Twitter

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