Did not answer when Norsk Tipping called – thought it was a telephone sale

A man from Levanger was on his way home from work on Friday afternoon when it suddenly occurred to him that he should deliver two rows in the Eurojackpot.

He logged in to the Norsk Tipping app and paid.

– I have a fixed happiness coupon I usually deliver. But, I had a good feeling on the way home from work, so I delivered two rows for fifty kroner. I have never won anything before, says the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, to TV 2.

The Eurojackpot draw results are published every Friday at 22.00. The man from Levanger was therefore stunned when the phone rang in the 20s.

– The number that called me was typical of a survey or telephone sales. I answered, but it was completely quiet at the other end. After five seconds I hung up, he explains, adding:

– I sat well placed on the couch and did not think any worldly things.

The case was first mentioned in iLevanger.

Wrote to customer service

When the number reappeared on the screen a few minutes later, he chose not to answer.

Even when he looked up the number on the number information, and Norsk Tipping lit up in front of him, the man did not understand that he might have won.

– I went into the app and wrote in the chat. I wondered why in the world they called me several times.

The answer from the customer center he got on other thoughts.

– The man said he should check it out. Then he wrote that I should be called again, and he strongly recommended that I pick up the phone, he says, and explains that the person at the customer center even added a smiley face emoji.

– It never happens, he states.

JACKPOT: The man in his mid-20s won a million Norwegian kroner. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

– Absolutely unreal

Five or six minutes later, they called for the third time. The man was told that he had won the Norwegian additional prize which was drawn earlier in the evening.

One million Norwegian kroner richer.

– It was completely coincidental that I had handed in two extra rows, because I never do. And that was one of the ones I won.

– What did you think when you found out that you had won?

– It went in black. It was unreal, and it did not occur to me until I got the money in the account on Monday this week. I felt like I had a fever and was constantly hot and sweaty.

The man explains that he and his cohabitant enjoyed a cold beer before going to his parents to surprise them with the good news.

– Mom started screaming with joy. And Dad was just as happy. It was a good bonus to get in. It will be invested in funds, and then it will be enough to treat yourself to a holiday trip with your cohabitant. You can not be sensible with all the money, the man says, and adds that something should also be saved for retirement.

The wife pulled out the camera when Trond received the shock phone from Norsk Tipping

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