Did you buy a drone and don’t know how to use it? 4 basic rules you should keep in mind

There are more and more peruvian who want to register the images from above capturing all the moments from a more original perspective. Drones have become a technological tool essential for all kinds of sectors and businesses.

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Many consumers and the business world know that acquiring this equipment is essential, but they do not take into account that there are basic requirements to drive a drone, since it is necessary to know if a user license is needed, or if it can be used anywhere.

To improve the experience when using drones, DJI Store Peru, official distributor for the sale of drones in the country, recommends preparation prior to flight, taking into account the following recommendations:


The use of drones for recreational or commercial use is becoming more common every day. Responsible use of a drone can indirectly affect the environment (even if we don’t want to), so it is recommended:

  • Do not fly more than 120 meters high.
  • Avoid flying near government police buildings, ministries and airports.
  • Avoid low-altitude flights because it can cause minor injuries and accidents.

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Many times we want to capture those epic moments in nature from a different and original perspective. A drone can help us capture postcards, but we must bear in mind that a compact device can affect wildlife when flying it.

Some national parks, beaches or summer clubs have restrictions on the use of this equipment. Check the update of your corporate policies.


The vast majority of drones have batteries that are removable in order to improve transport and ease of use. If you have had a crash with your equipment, check that the battery cells are not inflated or have any cracks.

If this is the case, we recommend that you immediately discard this cell, since they are made mainly of lithium polymer, which when colliding produces instability and can overheat.


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