Did you imagine him crossing the sidewalk? Sampaoli declassifies that he wanted to sign Jorge Valdivia for the archrival

The Argentine coach revealed that in the years he was leading the blues he analyzed the option of having Colocolino at the wheel. “They told us it was unattainable,” he said.

Sampaoli wanted to take Jorge Valdivia to the U in 2012.
© ONE Agency.Sampaoli wanted to take Jorge Valdivia to the U in 2012.

Jorge Valdivia must be one of the great players trained in the entire history of the white hotbed. The one born in Colo Colo managed to be a contribution to the Cacique’s first team and made a more than respectable career abroad, not to mention his achievements in the Chilean team, where he fights side by side for being one of the best midfielders in his history.

Maybe that’s why, let’s say it, on the sidewalk in front at some point they played with the imagination of seeing him in blue. And those thoughts were able to come true, especially after the last interview of Jorge Sampaoli with ADN Radio, where the Argentine declassified that in his years directing the U he wanted to sign the Magician.

Consulted by Jorge Valdivia himself, a panelist today in the radio space, the former DT de la Roja stated that “if true. When we started tracking more closely on your movement in the field, I think that players like you, what happened to you that your physique did not allow you to have regularity until José Amador appeared”.

“We followed your final stage in Palmeiras, when you saved the team alone from relegation, we saw a player who just needed to be located. That it did not go down, that it was close to the authorization, of the last decision”, he added.

In that sense, the Argentine pointed out that “I don’t remember exactly what the leaders said, it was our sporting objective. They told us it was unattainablenot so much because of the past in Colo Colo, but because of other things such as economics.”

“When we built that U of Chile we thought of Jorge, of Bose (Jean Beausejour) who is there and left O’Higgins with us to England. All the players we had in the future selection process were seen for the U”, he concluded.

In the end Valdivia in those years would continue playing for Palmerias, experiencing a painful relegation with the team in the 2013 season. In 2015 he would return to Arab football to play Al-Wahda, last station before his return to Colo Colo from Pablo Guede’s majo in mid-2017, where he would manage to be champion and a good figure every time he faced the U in Superclassics.

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