Did you know that Billy Butcher (The Boys) is dubbed by an actor from Here it all begins?

The first four episodes of season 3 of The Boys are currently available on Prime Video. But did you know that one of the actors ofHere it all starts voiced one of the main characters of the series?

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Since June 3, fans of The Boys can revel in the new adventures of the craziest superheroes on the planet. The series created by Eric Kripke openly mocks the image of these beings endowed with powers in the blockbusters. In this fiction inspired by the eponymous comics, the superheroes do not fight body and soul to save individuals but think only of satisfying their personal desires. The Boys is a satirical series that contains many violent and sexual scenes, which is why it is not intended for an audience of all ages. In addition to the Supes, the show presents the boys’ team, of which Billy Butcher is the leader. Always, he seeks to denounce to the whole world the real actions of superheroes, adored by the public. His interpreter, Karl Urban, bursts the screen and perfectly carries the gruff character of Butcher. But did you know that one of the actors ofHere it all starts dubbed his voice for the French version?

Jean-Pierre Michael (Here it all starts) double Karl Urban (The Boys), in what other projects can you find it?

It is indeed Jean-Pierre Michaël, interpreter of Pierre Rigaut in Here it all startswhich does thea voice over for Billy Butcher’s character. He is renowned for being a master in dubbing but the actor has also starred in several successful productions. He played the character of Simon Ferrer in season 7 of Candice Renoir and will soon be in season 2 of Font. We also saw it in Camping Paradise and Research section. He is also not the only actor known to dub the voice of one of the characters of The Boys.

Which characters from The Boys Are Alexis Tomassian and Jim Redler doubling?

You may have recognized it, but the French voice of the protagonist called Le Français, played by Tomer Kapon in the original version is very recognizable! And, for good reason, it is Alexis Tomassian who lends his stamp to the character. The actor also voices the hero of Cuphead Showthen Fry’s Futurama, who will soon be back after 9 years of absence, or to Eddie from The Ice Age. As for Hughie, played by Jack Quaid in the original version, it’s Jim Redler who was chosen to dub his voice.

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