Did you know ? you can program the sending of an SMS

Some SMS applications allow you to schedule a message to send it later. Google Messages has this feature.

Like many other people, you are certainly the type to send your SMS immediately as soon as you type it. In fact, what’s the point of holding it back? Well if you did not know, it is possible to program the sending of an SMS, so that it leaves on the date and at the time of your choice. This, provided you use a compatible SMS application.

Not all apps include this option. If you want to access it, you must therefore download and install appropriate software. Google Messages, precisely, offers such a service. Its use is very convenient: you just have to start or resume a discussion with a contact and make a long press on the send button to access the delayed SMS.

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Send a delayed SMS

  • Get into the conversation of your choice or start a new one;
  • Compose your message;
  • Make a long press with your finger on the send SMS icon;
  • Of course, don’t give up too soon! You would get your message out right away;
  • A superimposed “Schedule sending” window then appears;
Delayed SMS program
The main screens to know to send a deferred SMS. // Source: Screenshot
  • The application offers you various default sending times, but you can choose a more personalized one;
  • If this is the case, a calendar is then displayed, to choose the date and time;
  • Once you have made your choice, a small note reminding you of the delayed start will be visible on the screen, above your message;
  • Press the send SMS button;
  • The message will then appear in the conversation, with an indication to remind that it is on hold;
  • It will then leave at the appointed time, provided you have a network (Wi-Fi or mobile data).

Cancel the sending of a deferred SMS

It should be noted that you have the possibility, until the moment of sending, of returning to the programmed message to modify it, send it immediately or delete it. To do this, simply press your finger on the clock-shaped icon to access a contextual menu allowing you to access several options (edit, delete, send).

deferred SMS
At any time, until the moment of sending, you can resume your SMS deferred. // Source: Screenshot
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