Did you take a picture of yourself in a famous place and upload it to Instagram? This artificial intelligence locates the moment with surveillance cameras

Privacy in social networks does not exist, although its protection is one of the flags raised by big businessmen such as Mark Zuckerberg. A Belgian digital artist developed a artificial intelligence so that, using open surveillance cameras, it is detected where you took a photo uploaded to Instagram.

The project is called thefollower, and created it Dries Depoorter.

Gizmodo He reviewed the information, highlighting that in just 10 days he managed to locate both anonymous people and influencers with more than 100 thousand followers. All, seen through surveillance cameras.

This is how The Follower works, the artificial intelligence that uses Instagram and surveillance cameras

Artificial Intelligence tool created by Dries Depoorter, mixes Instagram with open surveillance cameras

As explained by the creator of the tool, this is the work system of artificial intelligence:

  1. Record a selection of cameras open for weeks.
  2. All Instagram photos tagged with open camera locations are located.
  3. The software compares the Instagram image with those recorded with surveillance cameras.

Depoorter showed images in which the Instagram photo appears on one side, and the video of the open camera on the other.

It’s terribly disturbing since it is one more example of how we are watched at any moment of our lives. But network owners can defend themselves under the fact that the user, by tagging the location, opens the door to The Follower artificial intelligence.

In any case, the fact remains murky.

Depoorter’s artificial intelligence, one more of his creations

Artificial Intelligence tool created by Dries Depoorter, mixes Instagram with open surveillance cameras

Depoorter explains that the project was launched on September 12, 2022. “The YouTube video has just been created with the results of 10 days (of research),” says the artificial intelligence expert, who warns: “I will post new results on my social media.”

From what can be seen in the example videos, among the places that Depoorter’s artificial intelligence has tracked are Times Square (New York), Temple Bar (Dublin) and the facade of Wrigley Field (Chicago).

Gizmodo recalls that Depoorter, currently with 17.2 thousand followers on Instagram, launched other projects such as Die With Me, a messaging app that works only when the user has 5% battery, and a clock which measures the percentage of life you have already completed.

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