Diego Bertie: Ethel Pozo is outraged and cuts the link LIVE with her reporter after approaching the prosecutor who sees her case

Ethel Well had an unexpected reaction with his reporter, Oswaldo Arteagawhile covering the tragic death of Diego Bertiewho lost his life early this Friday, August 5, after falling from the 14th floor of his building in Miraflores.

The journalist from America Today was outside the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital to address the prosecutor Liz Loayza, who is in charge of the case of the death of the popular actor and singer. Seeing the agglomeration of the press around the official, Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter replied to her reporter.

the driver limited before cutting the live link.

In this sense, Ethel Pozo highlighted Diego Bertie’s 30-year career and his humility and simplicity. “When we asked him what he thought of the new actors, he said ‘I was also given the opportunity when I started, I hadn’t studied either’, he was an amateur. Until the last day, until his last work, he kept reading scripts, learning the lyrics, as suddenly other young actors don’t do. He did love his career and he was the same on and off camera, “said Señito’s daughter.

Ethel Pozo was outraged by the press coverage of Diego Bertie’s death. Seeing the number of reporters who approached the prosecutor of the case to ask her for details of her death, the host of America Hoy exploded and decided to cut the live link with her reporter, who was at the scene.

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