Diego Bertie would not have been in a period of depression and had several plans: “He loved life,” says manager

The untimely death of Diego Bertie has shocked public opinion. The actor would not have been going through a depressive period, since he had many plans, according to his manager Carlos Sánchez de la Puente on the Magaly Medina program.

“(Do you think he has made the decision to commit suicide?) The human being is complex, I did not only have a working relationship with him and I can tell you that Diego loved life and his family, he loved being surrounded by his friends ”, manifested.

The singer’s manager confirmed that they canceled one of his shows because Diego Bertie himself reported that he felt discomfort in his throat.

Diego Bertie’s manager revealed that he had several plans for concerts and even presentations in the other regions. In addition, the same actor asked him to secure places next week to invite his family and friends.

“He tells me: “Since we have full places, I ask you to block some tables so that my brothers, my friends, your family can go and have a nice night with friends and family””he stated.

After that, Magaly Medina affirmed that this information gives rise to Diego Bertie not having been going through a period of depression.

“This indicates that he had plans, he had projects, he was not a man who was downcast by sadness, despair, according to what people say, like his manager. He was not going through a depressive period, from what those close to him also say and he was totally enthusiastiche emphasized.

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