Diego Bertie’s Nana walked the actor’s pets after his death: She was very emaciated, according to AyF

HARD MOMENT. Diego Bertie passed away the early hours of this Friday, August 5, and the news was lamented by his family, fans and national and international press. However, one of the most affected by the death of the singer would be his nanny, who accompanied him throughout his life.

love and fire reported that this afternoon Mrs. Theodora Bonilla, the woman who assisted him until the end of his days. According to Rodrigo González’s program, the woman went out to walk Diego’s two dogs, with whom she always appeared on his social networks.

Mrs. Teodora is in Diego’s house, she has been completely silent, she refused to speak and then she denied being her. We respect it. She entered with the two puppies that were Diego’s adoration, in networks he said ‘what would he do without them’. From there there have been no more movements, but there is a lot of secrecy on the part of the neighbors, they have not wanted to talk, but they have left flowers where the accident took place “limited the reporter from AMor y Fuego.

The prosecutor who went to Diego Bertie’s apartment to make the first inquiries told Trome that the actor was alone at the time of his fall. In addition, no alcoholic beverages were found in his home.

There are no signs of violence, we continue with the investigations, we will wait for the results of the autopsy. Apparently he was alone, no liquor has been found, we have no further information, we will wait for the results of the tests”, the official told Trome.

The Minister of Culture, Alexander Salaslamented the death of the actor and singer Diego Bertie, and made the Grand National Theater available to his family for the wake.

“We are trying to communicate with them (the family), but I use the media to tell the relatives of Diego Bertie that they have the Grand National Theater on behalf of the Government of Peru and of course, the facilities of the Ministry of Culture if they consider it pertinent, so that their remains can be taken there”he said in statements to Canal N.

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