Diego Luna takes his ‘Pan y Circo’ to Madrid

CDMX.- Diego Luna found in Jorge Drexler and Joaquín Sabina two jewels of reflection and philosophy on migration and cultural mix.

For the third episode of the second season of Pan y Circo, which arrives this Friday on Amazon Prime Video, the actor, director and producer of this broadcast had the singer-songwriters, who seduced him with their talk.

“Jorge Drexler’s is just an anecdote, but it ends up being a great example of what I would have wanted on the table (of the guests on his program).

“It was a moment in a natural way, I know his story, but with the way the talk took place (exemplifies what we wanted). (He said) who is his father, who is his mother, and how does he end up having children in Madrid. That story alone says a lot: it is the thesis of the program,” Luna said in an interview from Madrid.

With the season and the two previous episodes, “Charolastra” and his team scrutinized the perceptions of opinion leaders from different sectors on issues of politics, society and cultural impact in Mexico.

For this chapter, they went to the Spanish capital with the same methodology: prepare dishes as a hook so that each speaker felt confident to give their opinion.

Luna brought together personalities such as the writer Jorge Volpi, the journalists Maite Rico and José Andrés Rojo, and the activist Gabriela Wiener to discuss migration, discrimination, and Spain’s relationship with Latin America.

Drexler and Sabina stayed as guests, because they did not attend the dinner, but even so, Luna could not ignore their interventions.

“What happens in the program, and it is very painful, is that not everything can enter. We have a beautiful interview, but the program wants them to have several voices. Joaquín should have his own episode,” said Diego.

Personalities such as the filmmaker Fernando Trueba, the chef Diego Guerrero, the philologist Lola Pons and the actress Bárbara Lennie also take part.

One of the most relevant topics was talking about when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked Spain to apologize for the Conquest.

“As Jorge Volpi says at the table: ‘Everything was done wrong.’ and why. And when it’s used as a political tool, that discourse becomes very dangerous.”

Pan y Circo was recognized last year with the Daytime Emmy for Best Entertainment Program in Spanish and Outstanding Talent in a Program in Spanish.

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