Diego Maradona Junior clarified his phrase about Messi: "I bank it to death"

Diego Maradona Junior had said to compare to Lionel Messi with his father it was “unacceptable” and that those who did it “did not see or understand anything about football”. However, he had to go out to clarify these statements and affirmed: “Messi is my captain, I adore Messi. At this moment, he is the captain of my team and I bank him to death.”

In this sense, the eldest son of Diego Maradona he explained: “I always suffer from this comparison. We are talking about different things, about two different players. They played at different times. They have a very different character.”

At the same time, he added: “I always said, he is my old man. For me, like all children, my old man was my superhero in everything. For me, there will be no other like him. But that does not mean that I, when I say that, I speak ill of Messi”.

He even remarked that The flea “he is the best player in the world” and that therefore “instead of always comparing, we have to enjoy”. Thus, he stated that Messi He is one of his favorites and he wants the best for him and for the Argentine National Team in this World Cup Qatar 2022.

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