Dieter Bohlen shoots against corona policy: “Germany has slept through everything”

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From: Lara Listl

“Everything missed”: Dieter Bohlen criticized the German corona policy in an Instagram video. ( © Daniel Bockwoldt / Markus Schreiber / dpa /

In an Instagram video, pop titan Dieter Bohlen criticizes the German corona policy. At the same time he calls on all citizens to vaccinate.

Germany – Imagine if we’d all gone to vaccinate. With these words Dieter Bohlen initiates a video that he uploaded to his Instagram account 23 hours ago (as of November 25, 12 noon). If everyone were vaccinated now, in his opinion there would not be the current problem of the fourth corona wave.

Dieter Bohlen criticizes the Corona policy in Germany: “We slept through everything”

The incidences in Germany are increasing, the number of deaths is increasing and an end to the corona pandemic is not in sight even after almost two years. “How can it actually be that Germany was still a leader in the whole Corona story at the beginning and has now fallen far behind?” Asks the pop titan. His answer: “We slept through everything.” And by “we” he means German politics.

Bohlen not only criticizes the corona policy, but also what he believes has fallen behind in the digital field of Germany. Ten years ago Germany had over a dozen companies among the 100 most successful companies in the world. Nowadays, according to his statement, it might be another one with the software company SAP.

Dieter Bohlen in the Instagram video: Germany needs competent people and fewer unvaccinated people

He does not want to “blame anyone”. In his opinion, however, some positions within German politics are occupied by people who do not have sufficient knowledge and skills. Instead, it seemed to him that there were people in many political positions “who somehow had to go there because of the party membership or for whatever reason”. When he looks at America, he sees the giant companies like Amazon, Google and Apple, all of which are staffed with competent employees who have learned their hand value from scratch. In his opinion, this is not the case in Germany, and it is the reason that everything was “slept through” here.

Dieter Bohlen calls for the corona vaccination

Germany finally needs competent people with visions in the appropriate positions and fewer unvaccinated people. “So folks, let yourself be convinced at last: go to the vaccination first,” he calls on the viewers of the video. He himself was one of the first to be vaccinated against the corona virus. And he has already rolled up a sleeve for a booster vaccination. Despite the vaccination protection, he also reminds you again that it is important to keep wearing a mask.

Instagram users are enthusiastic about Dieter Bohlen’s statements

Dieter Bohlen receives many positive reactions to his statements. One Instagram user wrote: “Thank you for this great statement. It is so important that celebrities like you stand up and speak out clearly in favor of the vaccination. ”Another woman comments on the video as“ Super Dieter ”and adds that she and her family got the booster vaccination today. Not only for themselves, but also for their fellow human beings and especially for “older people who need protection”.

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