Digital ID: can it be obtained for free?

The digital ID is the new document that -over time- would come to replace the current document that is yellow and holograms. On September 1, it began to be mass-produced at the national level and the national registrar, Alexander Vega, has indicated that the digitization of this documentation has been a success so far.

At the time, the registrar Alexander Vega pointed out that nearly 500,000 people have requested and acquired the new digital ID; The areas where it has been most requested are, Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla.

Will the digital ID be free?

The registrar Alexander Vega also recently referred to this issue, who pointed out that there are plans so that the digital ID can be delivered free of charge, since in this way it is only being delivered to those who are taking out the document for the first time.

“When we have all the technology installed and 100% coverage in the country, the massification of the digital ID will be free; it is contemplated in the budget”, said the registrar Alexander Vega.

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