Digital sovereignty: Sovereign Cloud Stack updates the technical basis

With version 3, the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) offers not only the update of its open source components, but also network-based hard disk encryption and simplified management of Kubernetes clusters.

The SCS components have been updated in Release 3 to OpenStack Yoga, Ceph Quincy, OSISM 4.0.0 and Kubernetes Cluster API 1.2.x. Network-based disk encryption (Network-Bound Disk Encryption, NBDE) enables cloud service providers to encrypt and decrypt data carriers automatically in order to prevent unauthorized access to the customer data they contain.

The health monitor provides detailed monitoring of the cloud environment when using OpenStack as the underlying infrastructure layer. Analysis tools have been added to SCS’ Kubernetes cluster management, and each cluster now has its own private authorization to manage cloud resources. The project team has technical details on the innovations in the Release Notes summarized.

The SCS provides a technical underpinning for Gaia-X compliant infrastructure and services and for a federable, open management cloud. The SCS reference implementation meets all the criteria of the minimum requirements for the use of cloud offers by the public sector in terms of software and licenses, according to the responsible Open Source Business Alliance. At the same time, SCS is designed for high security requirements and supports platform operators in public administration with its architecture, open development processes and the provision of operating knowledge as part of the BSI certification according to IT basic protection.

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