Dinner with pop icon – Will Kanye’s new girl play the young Madonna?

Los Angeles (USA) – Nanu, who ended up on the cast couch with Madonna (63)?

Since last fall, the Queen of Pop (including “Hung Up”, “Like A Prayer”) has been planning a film adaptation of her unique music career. She even wants to direct the autobiographical strip herself. Has the superstar now found his candidate for the role?

On Thursday, she shared photos of Wednesday’s dinner at celebrity hangout Delilah in Los Angeles, California, on Instagram. Your neighbor at the table: actress, model and ex-domina Julia Fox (31) – the new flame of rapper Kanye West (44).

Both women seemed to get along right away. Is it because of the common Italian roots? Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) is the daughter of an Italian-American father, Julia Fox was born in Milan.

“Went to dinner with Julia to talk to her about my film and then a few more people showed up,” writes the singer. The snapshot shows them lounging on the couch. Fox (in black, cropped vinyl dress and high heels) leans on Madonna – who puts her arm around her like a friend. Is the chemistry there?

Madonna at the beginning of her career.  In 1984 she landed a mega hit with

Madonna at the beginning of her career. In 1984 she landed a mega hit with “Like A Virgin” – dozens followedFoto: picture-alliance / dpa

Two candidates were recently traded for Madonna’s film. According to industry rumors, Emmy winner Julia Garner (27), known for the Netflix series “Ozark”, and the Briton Florence Pugh (26, “Outlaw King”), were considered hot contenders.

Or does Fox win the race now?

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