Diogo de Oliveira’s nod to Colo Colo on Instagram: "Black and white"

A few days ago we announced the name of Diogo de Oliveira, a Brazilian striker who plays for Plaza Colonia in Uruguay, the league champion after an excellent semester.

The 24-year-old attacker spoke to DaleAlbo days ago and was happy about this interest. “Some news reached me, but I have not heard from anything, perhaps my representative has something. I would very much like to be in Colo Colo, it is a very big team, but so far nothing has come to me. If they are interested, I think they have been talking to my representative, but he did not talk to me “, he expressed.

Today Diogo de Oliveira began to occupy an infallible technique of Instagram, the popular “stick”. The striker uploaded a story with a little nod to Colo Colo: “Black and White” plus the claw emoji.

This image made several fans excited and immediately the screenshot reached social networks, to be more specific to Twitter, who speculate that everything is ready with Black and White.

Diogo’s wink at Colo Colo

As DaleAlbo was able to find out, the negotiations with Diogo de Oliveira exist and are advanced. In fact, the same player pointed out that his representative is in talks with Daniel Morón. Will it be the new reinforcement?

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