Dipper killed in Ariège: legal information for "destruction of a protected species" and "illegal hunting in a reserve"

A hunter had killed the animal during a hunt, Saturday, November 20, in a state reserve. Wounded in the legs by the bear, he had to be hospitalized.

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The Foix public prosecutor’s office announced, Friday, November 26, the opening of a judicial investigation against X for “destruction of a protected species”, reports France Bleu Occitanie, six days later the death of a bear in Seix (Ariège). She had been killed by a hunter who had been seriously injured in the legs by the animal then hospitalized.

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The judicial information is also open for “illegal hunting in a reserve” specifies France Bleu. This means that the hunter was not authorized to be at the place where the attack took place. This happened during a hunt in a state reserve governed by the National Forestry Office. Violations of the environmental code could therefore be noted.

The bear’s autopsy also shows that a single shot in the chest killed her almost instantly.

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