DIRECT. War in Ukraine: "Whoever it is, this must stop immediately"implores the director of the IAEA after the strikes on the Zaporizhia power plant

What there is to know

Zaporizhia again under the bombs. The largest nuclear power plant in Europe was the target of bombardments on Sunday 20 November. “Explosions have taken place at the site of this major nuclear power plant, which is completely unacceptable”said Rafael Grossi, in an interview with the French channel BFM TV. The Russian and Ukrainian armies accuse each other of being at the origin of these shootings. “Whoever it is, this must stop immediatelyurged the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the people who do that know where they are hitting. It’s absolutely deliberate, targeted.”

A “good dozen” keystrokes. These strikes were noted by IAEA experts, the agency said in a statement. Rafael Grossi judged the situation “very serious”. “The plant is on the front line, there are military activities that are very difficult to identify, there are Russian personnel and Ukrainian personnel in operation”he recalled.

Emmanuel Macron spoke with the head of the IAEA. The President of the Republic spoke on Sunday with the director general of the IAEA on the situation of the nuclear power plant of Zaporijjia, announced the Elysée. Emmanuel Macron “will probably speak this afternoon” to the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, added the French presidency.

Press conference in Paris in support of Moldova. Paris welcomes Monday an international conference in support of Moldova. Pays neighbor to Ukraine, it is a collateral victim of the conflict. She undergoes the full brunt of the consequences of the war, particularly in terms of energy, when the Russian company Gazprom halved its gas exports to Chisinau.

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